Night Bus

The Night Bus concept came out of a party we do each Halloween where we all load up in an RV and party hop for the evening.  in 2011, the RV was full but people kept inviting more friends to ride.  We needed a 2nd vehicle so the call went out.

We found this RV for sale for $1000.  It had been sitting for a few years and there were no warranties, but we thought we could make it work.


A large crew of us got together for 5 days straight and went about converting it.  First with demolition:

Then reconstruction:

IMG 2350 IMG 2368
IMG 2361
IMG 2367

One of the first parties:

IMG 1945

Close to Finished

IMG 1952

We always accept visitors

IMG 1955

Night Bus out on the Bunny Hop

IMG 4068

Dj Both Inside the Bus