Honda 2000i Linking

We recently built a system that linked 4 honda 2000i generators. We weren't sure if it was going to work but for those wondering, it does. We made a virtual 8000 watt generator that will power our whole camp. It also appears that we will be able to expand it well into the future to cover our camp needs. Not sure if anyone else is interested in this info but I thought I would share anyway.

Remember your limiting factor is the extension cord that carries the power. We use 100 feet of 6 gauge that runs to a construction site style distribution box. We actually should only put 6000 watts through any leg of that cord but we hope the occasional spike and sharing of load between the hot legs will prevent any overload problems. We also installed a TED Energy Detective to monitor our use to make sure we stay within rated capacities. We also built long run fuel systems using outboard motor tanks so we never have to pour fuel all week. If anyone needs details, drop me a line. If I am the only one who has ever wondered about this that is cool also. I like the level of redundancy in the system.  Lose a generator and you still have 3/4 of your desired power.  It also can be easily set up by one person and downsized to your needs.


Honda 2000i Generators

We have also found that you can add an extra generator anywhere in the system by creating a back feed plug or a so called suicide cable.  That is a double male edison (household) plug.  You can apply the power near the use and share it wherever the excess power is needed.


All black wires connect to each other then they create 2 hot wires that feed the two hots in the 6/3 cable


All neutrals and grounds also connect to each other and then to the corresponding wires in your 6/3 cable


If you have never wired up honda generators, keep theses rules in mind:

1- They say never start 2 generators at the same time but we have done this for years without problem.

Extended Run Fuel Caps

2- Any yellow plug that is laying around is hot.  Cap it or plug it into a generator that is already running (if you use 3 generators with the system).  You can have 2 plugs put into the same generator if you don’t have a cap.

3- The long run fuel system is key.  You don’t want to be filling 4 generators all day long.  Wd eventually moved to a 50 gallon tank mounted in a truck.  Be sure to keep the longer fuel line in the sun to prevent vapor locking.

4- Always run your generators on a piece of solid material and not on the Burning Man Playa or other dusty area.  The on/off switch is very susceptible to sand.  Always have a spare one as the switch is located on the bottom of the generator and will get stuck in the off position with heavy use.  Plano Power Equipment seems to have the best prices on parts for the 2000i.  The switch was redesigned in 2015 or so and looks much more resilient.

5- Only build this system using same sized honda generators.  All other makes and models will possibly explode or at least catch on fire.  1000i and 2000i can have many generators linked together, but not the 3000i.  The 3000i is limited to 2 linked generators only.  But remember, any system has to be of like generators.  The EU7000is can also be linked but only to one other.

6- This system does not create 240v power, do not plug anything 240 into it.  All the generators are in the same phase so you will most likely burn out any 240 you try to run.

7- You can link a 1000i and a 2000i without damaging anything but there is one problem.  As the generators ramp up with demand, they will both be delivering the same amount of power.  Once you hit 850 - 1000 watts the the 1000i will be maxed out and will then shut down.  It will transfer its load to the 2000i and overload it and you will no longer have any power so basically there was nothing to gain from the situation other than lower engine RPMs on the 2000i.