Kitchen Remodel

For those of you that don't know, since January 12th (it's now February 22nd) I have been living in my kitchen.  I wake up and from bed I either go to work at the fire station, or I head down the stairs to continue work on the kitchen remodel.  Other than 3 days away on a small trip, it is all I know.  Traveling 15 blocks to find a place to eat dinner is about the extent of my recreation.

I am doing a lot of the work myself but have received a tremendous amount of expert help from Jeff Fletcher.  He has been a great resource to help me through the parts I did not understand and correcting me when I made a mistake before it was too late.  I also got some great advisement on the electrical from my friend Shawn Res.  He helped me correct a few flaws and showed me where I was missing circuits or needed an outlet.  I also have appreciated the help from the Boise inspectors.  They are really there to help more than hinder.  All wonderful people and easy to work with.

In the past, whenever I have done a remodel, I have always regretted not taking enough pictures to document what went into the job.  This time I have changed that in a big way.  I have managed to take over 30,000 pictures and have turned them into time lapse videos to show the progress.  I am taking a picture every 10 seconds and playing them back at 30 frames per second so basically every second of video is 5 minutes.  Some days are missing when there was too much to do or the work was so boring I didn't think it was worth while.  There are also countless photos cut where we appear to just be standing there staring at the walls trying to figure out what to do.  Here are the five videos I have created so far:

Part One - Kitchen Demolition

Part Two - First bits of framing and some electrical

Part Three - Inspectors and more electrical wiring

Part Four - Insulation and Sheetrock

Part Five - New Refrigerator, Sheetrock, Paint, Floor, and bringing in Cabinets

Part Six - Cabinets, Sink, Range Hood, and some Low Voltage work