Mackie MR8 Tweeter Repair

I recently bought a pair of Mackie MR8s off of Craigslist and they had blow tweeters.  I wanted to fix them myself but there was no guide on how to fix them available on the net.  Because of this I created this guide to help whoever might need assistance.  Good Luck!

First - Order new replacement tweeters from Mackie by contacting Mackie at:

LOUD Technologies Inc.
16220 Wood-Red Rd NE 
Woodinville, WA 98072 
Phone (800) 258-6883

Ask for the tweeter for the MR5 & MR8 the part number might be 0030616.  The price is about $31/tweeter, $48/woofer

Once they arrive you can start disassembly.  Tools you will need are:

  • Quality screwdriver (Phillips and make it a medium to long one)
  • Small flashlight or headlamp
  • Level work area and maybe three small cups to keep screws organized
  • A friends to help hold some parts 

1.  Remove the 8 screws that hold on the back cover.


Here are what the 8 screws look like:

  1. You should now be able to open up the back of the speaker.  Note where all the wires connect.  Remember you will need to put them all back in the correct positions once you start the reassembly.  The next three figures can be used as reference:
  2. Disconnect the 3 wires and remove the back panel.
  3. Once the wires are disconnected, start taking the eight silver screws out of the next panel as seen in the following two photos:

6.  The panel will still be connected but can be twisted to fit inside the main speaker assembly.

7.  Next you will have to take the eight black screws out of the last panel.  This panel has some screws that are hidden behind the insulation so be sure to pull it back to find all of them.  Look closely at the pictures to find all eight screws.  Two of them are located on the top and bottom on the inside of the cabinet.

The last 8 screws will look like this:

8. Now the front of the speaker should slide off.  Be gentle and be sure you have removed all 8 screws.

9. Be careful as you remove the front cover as there will be wires connected to the tweeter.  Be sure to note which one goes to what side.  My blue one had already pulled off by the time I took the picture.  Be more careful with yours.

10. Gently lay down the lid without putting tension on the wire connected to the “Power On” LED.

11. Unscrew the tweeter and replace it with the new one.  If you are replacing the woofer you can unscrew it at this time and with a firm push it will separate from the housing.

12. Simply reverse these steps and you will then have a fixed Mackie MR8 speaker!