People's Personal Gear

Basic camping items

_____ Warm compact sleeping bag; Fiberfill or down (place sleeping bag inside its own stuff sack, and then inside a waterproof trash bag)

_____ Ground pad

_____ Small pillow

_____ Ground tarp

_____ Tent or rain fly; (talk to other people on the trip about sharing tents or contact your trip leader)

_____ Cup (For drinks, hot or cold; plastic or metal)

_____ Sharp knife (Swiss army knife is good and multi-purpose)

_____ Tennis shoes or hiking boots (for off river use)

_____ Long pants (one pair is good for most trips)

_____ Long underwear (Capilene or polypro)

_____ Extra river shorts (one pair of shorts for each day on the river)

_____ T-shirts (one for each day on the river)

_____ Long sleeve shirt (bring one)

_____ Wool socks (one pair for each day on the river)

_____ Swimsuit

_____ Wool sweater or pile jacket

_____ Underwear

To be worn on the river

_____ Wet suit (1/8 inch farmer john with paddle jacket & pile; or dry suit with Capilene and pile)

_____ Wet suit booties, Tevas or tennis shoes with wool socks that can get wet

_____ River shorts with drawstring

_____ Fleece or wool hat

_____ Rain jacket and pants (as substitute for paddle jacket)

_____ Hat or visor (be creative; you have to find the right river hat for you)(make sure it has a chin strap or string to tie onto your life jacket so you don't loose that “right river hat”)

_____ Wool gloves (very recommended for early or late season river trips)

Personal items

_____ .50 caliber ammunition can (only if you have one, don’t buy one)

_____ Sunglasses with retaining strap

_____ Toothpaste, toothbrush, comb/brush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, party floss

_____ Oil based sunscreen (8 and 25)

_____ Bag balm

_____ Lubriderm (for dry skin)

_____ Insect repellent

_____ A couple of small stuff sacks in which to put your dirty clothes

_____ Flashlight with extra batteries

_____ Camera with film (we have dry boxes that you can keep it in while going through the rapids; if you want to pad up a small dry box for your camera, let me know and I will give you one before the trip. Bring a ziplock bag to place your camera in, in cases your ammo can leaks)

_____ Lighter

_____ Water bottle

_____ Extra pair of glasses or contact lenses if you where them. Contact lenses have been known to be washed out if one swims

_____ Chair

_____ Pencil and paper

_____ Grand piano (If you are going to bring a grand piano, let us know ahead of time so that we can make room for it)